Heavy Equipment

Decades of experience and investment in large robust machine tools has positioned Trace-A-Matic to efficiently serve the demanding requirements of Heavy Equipment OEMs in industries such as construction and material handling equipment.

Trace-A-Matic understands the nuances of the challenging requirements and materials necessary to produce high quality Heavy Equipment parts and assemblies in a most cost effective manner.

Serving the Construction and Material Handling Fields

Compelling reasons customers choose to partner with Trace-A-Matic for their Heavy Equipment machining needs include:

  • Certified to AS9100C/ISO9001:2008
  • Machining capacities in the Small to Large Medium Range (10 ton)
  • Horizontal turning capacity to 44” swing  x 156” between centers.
  • Vertical turning capacity to 92” diameter swing.
  • Vertical milling capacity to 240” in X axis by 120” in Y axis
  • Horizontal Bar capacity to 120” in X axis by 90” in Y axis (links to machine list)
  • Experienced  producing components
    • Headnuts
    • Labriynth Seals and Components
    • Gear Blanks
    • Transmission housings and components
    • Gear Boxes
    • Load Roller shafts and Link Pins
    • Bearing Blocks
    • Levers
    • Planetary Gear Cases
  • Established supplier base familiar with Heavy Equipment requirements such as NDT, heat treating such as QPQ, Ion Nitriding, Quench and Tempering, Induction Hardening, plating/painting,  Grinding, Hard Turning and Honing