Construction Industry

Machining Components for the Construction Industry

"Customers in construction and construction-related businesses
have turned to Trace-A-Matic for Superior Quality Parts
at Competitive Prices."


Work for the Construction Industry covers a broad scope of related needs. Trace-A-Matic customers in related businesses have turned to us for superior quality parts at competitive prices.

Customized for Specific Construction Equipment Needs

CUSTOMER SCENARIO #1. One customer manufactures earth compaction equipment. For their higher volume needs, we set up a robotically-controlled cell that manufactures one assembly. There are several cells within the large focused factory. We release their production requirements on a daily basis to satisfy their assembly schedule. Critical sub-components are 100% inspected in process. All results are recorded and forwarded to our customer. Trace-A-Matic has never created a 'line down' situation while supplying this set of components.

CUSTOMER SCENARIO #2. Another customer manufactures "wallboard". Working with their engineers, Trace-A-Matic offered a roll design that was both economical and of high precision. After seeing how well our rolls performed in their application,
the customer realized they could increase their throughput
speed significantly.

CUSTOMER SCENARIO #3. Another customer came to
Trace-A-Matic with their design for components to drive a large cement mixer. Their cement mixer offers greater volume per trip. Again working with their engineers, we finalized the design for manufacturability. This set of components is very low volume. Regardless of size and quantity, Trace-A-Matic can help bring design to reality.




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