Printing Press Components

Printing Press Assembly

Printing Rollers, Cylinders, Gearboxes
and Side Frames

One of our largest niches in the past years has been our involvement in the printing and graphic arts industries.
Due to our experience, many times we get involved in helping our customers at the design stage to reduce costs.
Our niche in machining components for the printing industry is equally versed between milling and turning. Our forte is in machining blanket, plate, impression, and cutting & folding cylinders, side frames and gearboxes. We also machine thousands of rollers and shafts a year.


  • Air-Bars
  • Trip Rings
  • Eccentrics
  • Drive-Shafts


  • Oscillating Rollers
  • Water Rollers
  • Ink Drum Rollers
  • Anilox Rollers
  • Transfer Rollers
  • Scraper Rollers
  • Rilsan Rollers
  • Copper/Chrome Rollers
  • Chrome Rollers
  • Rubber Rollers


  • Blanket Cylinders
  • Plate Cylinders
  • Impression Cylinders
  • Folding Cylinders
  • Cutting Cylinders
  • Knife Cylinders
  • Anvil Cylinders


  • Gearboxes
  • Side-Frames
  • Supports
  • Cross-Braces
  • Z-Frame
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