CNC Machining Capabilities

Our broad range of CNC equipment along with a fully equipped tool room can meet the vast majority of your machining needs and turnkey solutions.

  • Milling-Trace-A-Matic offers both vertical and horizontal milling
    • Vertical milling  of 40” x 20” to our signature machine SNK RB6 with travels of 240” x 120”
    • Horizontal milling from 24” x 22” to 240” x 90”.
  • Turning-Trace-A-Matic offers both vertical and horizontal turning.
    • Vertical turning from 15” twin spindle to 92” swing Bullard to a 118” under the rail & 49” ram stroke SNK with 25 hp live tooling spindle.
    • Horizontal turning from Slant 25’s to Mazak Powermaster 34”swing x 160 between centers.
  • Mill / Turn – DMG / Mori CTX Gamma 2000TC
    • Two 16” chuck (main & sub)
    • 27.5” swing over the ways
    • 89” between chucks
    • Y-axis +/- 7.9”
  • Engineering Services consisting of;
    • Solid Works capabilities
    • Rapid prototyping via a 3D printer
    • Machine simulation/prove out via Vericut software
    • Supporting Design for Manufacturability
  • Inspection capabilities that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.


Trace-A-Matic has a wide range of horizontal and vertical milling equipment to meet the needs of a variety of product solutions. Trace-A-Matic has milling machines that offer the size, torque and power required for heavy cutting or exotic material applications like our group of Kuraki horizontal & vertical machining centers. We offer flexible milling solutions as in our range of Mazak FH horizontal machining centers and a myriad of smaller vertical machining centers that are integrated into cells.

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Trace-A-Matic has a vast array of horizontal and vertical turning equipment with over 50 machines to meet the needs of a variety of product solutions. We can turn “big” with our VTLs that can handle up to 90” swing and 72” under the rail to our Mazak Powermasters that can chuck 32” O.D. and handle up to 160” length between centers. Trace-A-Matic can also offer high productivity turning solutions with our numerous twin spindle VTLs and our Mazak Integrexs. Hard turning, live tooling and Y-axis travel capabilities all exist within our large stable of turning equipment.

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Trace-A-Matic provides a full range of manufacturing engineering experience from Design for Manufacturability assistance through Quality Engineering with the goal of “speed to market”.

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Trace-A-Matic employs the most current and robust inspection equipment and methods to achieve “quality at the source” for cost effectivity and process validation.

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Equipment List

We invite you to view Trace-A-Matic's equipment list.

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We invite you to view examples of the robust capabilities Trace-A-Matic has to offer.

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