Quality Overview

Process Engineering, ERP and DNC for Quality Monitoring and Tracking

Enterprise Resource Planning
(ERP) System

Direct Numerical Control
(DNC) System

Project Management and Tracking Systems

Trace-A-Matic uses a sophisticated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System to give our employees, customers, and suppliers the most accurate, up-to-date information possible.

Birth-to-grave tracking of orders and jobs is done with one system. Quotes that are created can be copied to become jobs, routings, or master routings. After an order is received and a job is scheduled, we confirm back a scheduled delivery date. This is the date to which we hold ourselves accountable. Right after a customer's order is taken, we acknowledge a firm delivery date up front, which significantly eliminates much frustration from our customers' viewpoint.

Labor Entry, Materials Purchasing, and Subcontract Services are all integrated into Job Management in our ERP System (Enterprise Resource Planning). All of these events are captured real time and automatically update our scheduling system upon completion of an order, shipping and invoicing are likewise integrated in our ERP system.

Trace-A-Matic has also strived to move toward a paperless factory. All blueprints, material certifications, subcontract certifications and inspection reports are scanned into our system to be available to e-mail customers as required.

In terms of programming, all of our CNC Turning Centers, CNC Lathes, CNC Mills and Machining centers are networked with a Direct Numerical Control (DNC) System. The programmer automatically sends CNC programs to a particular machine tool. Upon completion the machining center or lathe operator sends the CNC program back up to the central file server.



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