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What Customers are saying:

"We became acquainted with Trace-A-Matic when they were specified as a second tier supplier by our customer. The reasons for their decision became abundantly clear. Trace-A-Matic has an enviable track record of delivering a high level of quality and service with every order."

"When deciding on a preferred machining supplier, quality control was our top priority. Trace-A-Matic's ISO 9002 certified status proved to us that they are a company committed to addressing even our most challenging production requirements."

"Our company recently experienced turnover in our purchasing department. Trace-A-Matic offered our new team members a unique education, providing them with valuable product history, thus preventing costly errors."

"In the past, we were forced into dealing with a complex network of suppliers, which was extremely aggravating to say the least. Now, we turn to Trace-A-Matic as our preferred turnkey machining supplier."

"Trace-A-Matic's innovative approach to solving our company's technical problems continues to amaze us."

"It is reassuring to know that Trace-A-Matic places such a premium on good communication. When we place an order, Trace-A-Matic is careful to keep us in the loop. If any questions or concerns arise, we are able to work together to address them immediately."

"From prototypes to high volume manufacturing, Trace-A-Matic's design assistance ensures a successful end product."

"What do we value most about our relationship with Trace-A-Matic? Their solid mix of extensive capabilities, backed by high-level service, enables Trace-A-Matic to address all of our needs under one roof, saving our company valuable time and money."

"Whenever we place an order with Trace-A-Matic, we know we will receive a high quality part at a cost-competitive price. What more could you ask for?"


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