Large Part Machining

Large Part Machining Services

This 36" diameter Locknut (below)
is a typical component manufactured by
Trace-A-Matic's Large Part Machining Equipment
Large Part Machining Locknut - 36" Diameter

Large Part Machining Capabilities

As you look through our large part machining equipment list and come to understand our CNC machining capabilities, you will realize that we can accommodate larger sized parts both in our vertical turning areas and in our horizontal and vertical milling areas.

Our VTL's can swing up to 92" diameters. Our larger horizontal machining centers can handle 92" x 118" or 78" x 240" work pieces. Our large vertical 5 face machining center can handle 118" x 240" parts. These constitute very large work envelopes available for big parts that you need machined.

Large Part Machining Applications

Trace-A-Matic provides work for various industries which require our large part machining capabilities, such as the power generation, oil & gas, transportation, and wind power industries. In some of these industries, regulatory guidelines are included within their machining requirements. We are familiar with many of regulatory specifications and can plan our processes and inspection routines to meet these rigid requirements.

What sets us apart from other large equipment job shops?

Trace-A-Matic offers a wealth of experience in machining large parts across diverse industries. Though we surely haven't "seen it all", we are open to all opportunities to expand our services and understanding! Our highly skilled staff of machinists, programmers, tooling experts, and industrial engineers will attack your job with their collective knowledge applied on your behalf to your project specs - no matter how challenging.



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