Short Run Customized Machined Components


Components machined through Short Run Production


Trace-a-Matic has over 30 manual and CNC lathes covering the gamut of sizes from small CNC chuckers and CNC slant-turns to our large CNC horizontal lathes and CNC VTLs.
Our customized machined components are as diverse as shafts, rollers, bearings, turbine parts pistons, pins, hydraulic cylinders and the like.

The materials we machine range from alloy sheets, ductile and gray iron to 300 and 400 grade stainless sheets as well as exotic materials such as 6-2-4-2 titanium, 6-2-4-6 titanium, Inconel 718, and Waspalloy.

Our largest CNC horizontal lathe has a 34" swing arm 156" between centers. Our largest vertical lathe has a 84" swing and has a 60" turning height.

CNC Milling

Short run machining in our milling and drilling plant ranges from small CNC vertical milling machines to large CNC horizontal machining centers that have a 20-foot work envelope.
A vast majority of our horizontal and vertical CNC machining centers have CNC rotary tables, adding a 4th Axis. Some rotary tables, including one of our largest CNC horizontals, is accurate to 360,000 positions on a circle. Some of our machining centers also have a quill which adds a 5th Axis for reaching the center of the table. Another way a 5th Axis can be added is with directional tooling.

All of our CNC machining centers are networked and have Direct Numerical Control. Programmers automatically downside programs to each machining center. Likewise, the machinist will upload back to the main file server once a job is complete.
We machine a wide variety of materials including castings, forgings, plate, barstock, tubing, and weldments.
Some of the components we machine include booms, levers, frames, gearboxes, connecting rods, hydraulic cylinders, printing press cylinders, large wheel assemblies and other large machining components.

Cylindrical Grinding

Trace-A-Matic's cylindrical grinding capacity closely mirrors our CNC Turning capabilities when it comes to customized machined components. Here again, our capabilities stretch from smaller parts run on one of two CNC grinders to a maximum 24" swing x 160" between centers running on our manual grinders.

Some of the components we grind include printing press rollers, linkage pins, hydraulic cylinders, piston struts, and other components. Many of our grinding tolerances include .0005" diameters and runouts.

Another feature we offer on many of our manual and CNC grinders is automatic wheel balancing, creating smoother surface finishes. Also, on all our CNC grinders we have marposs or control gauging which interfaces with the CNC controls to make offset adjustments for grinding wheel wear and thermal compensation.

Calibrated Profilometers Gauging

In terms of gauging, all of our profilometers as well as snap gauges are of course calibrated. With our profilometers, we also have the capability not only to measure Rms, Ra, Rz, bearing ratio and other surface finish requirements.
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