What's New at Trace-A-Matic

More VTL Capacity at Trace-A-Matic   

We've recently added 2 more VTL spindles in the form of a Doosan Puma VT1100 and a Doosan Puma VT1100M.   This gives Trace-A-Matic a total of 16 vertical spindles with capacities up to 90" swing.

These 2 Doosan's have 40" chucks and 43.3" maximum swing.   The VT1100 is equipped with a 4 jaw power chuck.   The VT1100M features live tooling.   Both pieces have highly rigid box ways, high precision spindles, and vibration absorbing construction.

With the addition of these two vertical turning machines we can offer capacity and capability that are among the most dynamic in the Midwest.   In some cases the machines are configured in cells that include milling capability.   In this way we offer our customers complete throughput in one work center.

VTL capacity is at a premium around the USA.   Come to Trace-A-Matic with your VTL project for premium service and quality.


Vertical Turning LatheDoosan Puma Spindle.jpg


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