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CNC Equipment List

5-Axis Machining Centers

Equipment ModelX-AxisY-AxisZ-Axis
Mazak HCR5000S w/MPP28.74"28.74"28.74"
Haas VF5-50 (2 Units)50"26"25"
Fadal VMC 452545"25"32"
YCM CX425.59"26.47"18.9"
Equipment ModelMax Swing
Over Carriage
Max Swing
Over Ways
Max Center
to Center
DMG Mori CTX Beta 1250 TCY-Axis ±4.92"19.29"57.87"
DMG Mori CTX Gamma 2000TCY-Axis ±7.9"27.50"89"
DMG Mori CTX Gamma 2000TCY-Axis ±7.9"27.50"89"
DMG Mori CTX Gamma 3000TCY-Axis ±16.5"27.50"120.10"
Mazak Integrex i-400 (3 Units)Y-Axis 10.2"25.90"60"

CNC Vertical Machining Centers

Equipment ModelX-AxisY-AxisZ-Axis
Doosan DNM65050"26.4"24.6"
Fadal VMC 1522"16"28"
Fadal VMC 4040"20"20"
Fadal VMC 4020 (2 Units)40"20"20"
Fadal VMC 803080"30"30"
Hyundai-Kia VX75061"29.5"28.3"
Makino F963"31.5"25.6"
Mighty 2000 GXT Double Column80"72"28"
Mighty SW 323 Double Column118"90"42"
OKK VM76R60"29.6"25.6"
Okuma MX-45 VAE (2 Units)30"18.1"17.7"
Smart SM 800-APC33.8"23.6"23.6"
SNK RB-6VM Gantry246"150"63"
Supermax YCM-218B83"34"30"
Houston, TX
Doosan MDL 7500/5060"30"24.6"
Doosan MV4020L40"20"24.6"
OKK KCV 800120"32.8"28.3"
Smart SW-316122.05"63"30.71"
Vertical Knee Mills
Trak K3SX32"16"15"
Trak LPM31"18.5"21"
Trak/Proto-Trak (2 Units)32"16"20"

CNC Horizontal Machining Centers

Equipment ModelX-AxisY-AxisZ-Axis
Doosan DBC-130118.1"78.7"63.0"
Haas EC1600-3X64"40"30"
HNK HB-130S78.7"59.1"51.2"
Hyundai Kia KBN135118.1"78.7"63"
Kuraki KBM-11A39.4"39.4"27.6"
Kuraki KBM-11WA78.7"59.1"57.1"
Kuraki KBM-11X (2 Units)59.1"47.2"27.6"
Kuraki KBT-11WDXA78.7"59.1"57.1"
Kuraki KBT-13A118.1"90.5"51.2"
Kuraki KBT-13DX118.1"80.7"51.2"
Mazak FH1080066.9"55.1"55.1"
Mazak FH580022.1"24.0"22.1"
Mazak FH600031.5"31.5"34.7"
Mazak FH680041.3"31.5"34.7"
Mazak FH880051.1"43.3"39.4"
Mazak FH880051.1"43.3"39.4"
Mazak HCN-5000 w/MPP28.74"28.74"31.5"
Mazak HCN-680041.3"35.4"38.6"
Mazak HCN-8800 (3 Units)55.1"47.2"52.2"
OKK HM1250S (2 Units)66.9"55.1"48.5
OKK HM160094.5"64.96"63"
OKK HM4024.4"22"22"
Okuma MA-600 HB39.4"35.4"39.4"
Houston, TX
OKK HM 100055.12"42.31"39.37"
Kuraki KBT 11EZ98.4"70.8647.24"
Kuraki KBT 11Z98.4"70.86"47.24"
Kuraki KBT 11WA (2 Units)78.74"59.06"57.09"
Hyundai-Wia KH100082.68"53.15"55.12"
Mazak 880055.12"47.24"52.17"
Mazak 880055.12"47.24"52.17"
Mazak 1080066.93"55.12"60.04"
Mazak 10800HM66.93"55.12"60.04"
Toyoda 1050FH (3 Units)62"55"55"
Toyoda 1250SX (3 Units)86.5"63"73"
Boring Bar
Scharman - Manual31.8"28"39.4"
Hurco HBNX55i55.1"55.7"43.3"

CNC Vertical Turning Centers

Equipment ModelMax SwingMax Under RailMax Z
Doosan V8300 (2 Units)32.7"30.7"
Doosan VT110043.3"39.4"
Doosan VT1100M43.3"39.4"
Dynamic KTM-12/16F65"40.2"35.4"
HNK VTC 16/20 (60 HP Table)79"118"47"
HNK VTC 28/30118.1"78.7"47"
Hyundai Wia LV1100RM46"39"39.4"
Hyundai Wia LV1100RM46"39"39.4"
Hyundai Wia LV500R (3 Units)31.5"21.7"23.6"
New Century VTL60"38"36"
New Century VTL54"30"36"
New Century VTL79.5"40"39.5"
New Century VTL70"42"38"
New Century VTL70"42"38"
Okuma-Howa 2SP-V8039"33"
Samsung SLV 80M (2 Units)35"31.5"
Samsung SLV 1000M (2 Units)39.4"37.6"
Twin Merit 15 (2 Units)20"
Houston, TX
HNK VTC 16/20R79"65"35.4"
Hyundai LV 1100 R (4 Units)53.3"39.4"
KTM-12/16 F65"40.2"35.4"
New Century VTL90"75"36"
Samsung SLV 8035"31.5"
Samsung SLV 80 M35"31.5"
Toshiba TUE1570.87"59.06"35.4"

CNC Horizontal Turning Centers

Equipment ModelMax Swing
Over Carriage
Max Swing
Over Ways
Max Center
to Center
Daewoo Puma 25013"15"23"
Mazak Integrex 3013.5"20"60"
Mazak Integrex 3513.5"22"60"
Mazak Integrex 400Y13.5"20"40"
Mazak M-5N (2 Units)13"24"120"
Mazak M-5N (2 Units)13"24"80"
Mazak Nexus QT 350-IIM13.5"20"40"
Mazak Nexus QTN 35013"18"60"
Mazak Nexus Q Turn 300-26 (2 Units)13"18"26"
Mazak Quick Turn 25L (2 Units)13"15"40"
Mazak Quick Turn 30013"18"40"
Mazak Super Quick Turn 300MY13"18"60"
Mazak Super Quick Turn-30M13"18"60"
Mazak Powermaster22"35"160"
Mazak Powermaster22"35"120"
Mazak Powermaster22"34"160"
Mazak ST-60N30"36"100"
Mori Seiki TL 4015"24"80"
Mori Seiki TL 40-Y15"24"80"
Samsung SL 30C (4 Units)18.9"25.6"41.3"
Samsung SL 3516.50"23.60"60.00"
Samsung SL 550031.5"35.4"39.4"
Samsung SL 65 (3 Units)31.5"35.4"39.4"
Smart NL 600031.5"36"60"
Smart NL 3000BL (2 Units)16"23"43.3"
Smart NL 250018.9"25"29.3"
Houston, TX
Mori Seiki SL603 (2 Units)35.4"80"
Samsung SL 3523.6"60"
Samsung SL 35M23.6"60"
CNC/Manual Turning
Trak TRL 30120RX21.2"33"118"
Trak/Proto-Trak SLX14"24"55"
Weiler E 8020"31.5"118"
Houston, TX
Weiler E 90 (2 Units)20.86"35.4"118"
Manual Lathes
Nardini Nodus8"16"60"
Houston, TX
Kingston HD269017.5"35.1"90"

Inspection Equipment (PC-DMIS Programming System)

Equipment ModelWork EnvelopeMax Table Load
Hexagon One 710727" x 39" x 27"1,100 lbs
Hexagon/DEA Global 203315 (2 Units)79" x 130" x 59"14,300 lbs
Hexagon Global 9 Series 9158 Advantage35.4" x 59.1" x 31.5"3,300 lbs
Hexagon Romer Absolute 7540 Arm157.5"
Houston, TX
Romer Arm Mod. 7525
Hexagon/DEA Global 20331579" x 130" x 59"14,300 lbs
Hexagon Global Image 12301047" x 118" x 39"5,000 lbs

CNC/Manual Cylindrical Grinders

Equipment ModelMax SwingMax Center
Warner & Swasey Cylindrical14"120"
Mitsubishi CNC Cylindrical10"60"
Okuma GA-25T Cylindrical7.9"13.8"
Okamoto OGM - 1236 UNCIII12"36"

Ancillary Equipment

Equipment Description
Mitsubishi MD+Pro III Wire Cut EDM - 15.7" X 11.8" X 8.7" Cut Area
Straightening Press, Dake - 150 Ton
Houston, TX
6-Axis Robotic Milling Cell w/Auto Tool Change Spindle, Fanuc
ITS CBS-S25 Bar (Controlled Boring System) (2x) 2.677"-6.263" Dia. Range x 19" Depth
Right Angle Head Attachment - 26" reach
Straightening Press, Dake - 150 Ton
ZX200 Cogsdill Contouring Head
ZX420 Cogsdill Contouring Head (2x)

CAM Programming Systems

Software Description
Mastercam® 4-Axis and 5-Axis Seats
ESPRIT® 5-Axis Seats
VERICUT® - CNC Machine Simulation Software

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