CNC Machining Jobs in Milwaukee Area

At Trace-A-Matic, we consider our employees to be our most valued assets. Trace-A-Matic provides a work environment where respect and teamwork are the norm and our people fulfill their career aspirations. The proof of our positive culture can be borne out by the long average tenure of our workforce.

CNC Machinist Careers at Trace-A-Matic are perfect for highly skilled talent with an interest in staying on top of the latest equipment and technology.  If you are looking for a challenging position with a high profile Milwaukee CNC machining company that uses state-of-the-art machine tools, this is the place for you!

Looking for stability?
At Trace-A-Matic, diversity means stability.  We have a diverse customer base so we are not dependent on any one customer for our workflow.  We deal in many industries so we can more easily withstand the up and down cycles in any particular one industry.

Looking for technology?
At Trace-A-Matic, we are constantly investing in new equipment and technology that keeps us at the head of our industry and gives you the tools to be the best!

CNC Machinist Jobs In Greater Milwaukee?
At Trace-A-Matic, we want you for the long haul.  Our average employee has been here 15 years.  It is a good relationship.  We offer a profit-sharing program that rewards you for your efforts beyond the regular payday!

What are we looking for?
People driven to be successful in machining.  Successful candidates should have a solid background in blueprint reading and GD&T, able to perform set-ups, work independently, exposure to programming and have the desire to learn and grow with the company.  Do not miss an opportunity that will lead to your long-term success and career fulfillment.