High-Speed Milling

High-Speed Milling

Efficiency and quality are paramount in precision machining. Trace-A-Matic, a leader in advanced manufacturing solutions, pushes these boundaries further with its innovative high-speed milling practices. We use state-of-the-art machine tools and advanced techniques like trochoidal milling to set new standards in the machining process.

Trochoidal Milling and High Spindle Speed
Trochoidal milling is one of the cornerstones of Trace-A-Matic’s strategy. This technique involves a cyclic, looping path for the tool, enabling continuous cutting with less engagement time. When combined with high spindle speeds, trochoidal milling drastically reduces heat generation. It distributes heat more evenly, minimizing tool wear and extending the cutting-edge’s life.

High Feed Rate and Radial Chip Thinning
Another pivotal element in Trace-A-Matic’s approach is high feed rates, which accelerate the machining process and contribute to radial chip thinning. In this phenomenon, the actual thickness of the chip is less than the advance per tooth due to the tool’s angle of engagement. Radial chip thinning allows for more efficient cutting conditions, facilitating faster material removal rates while preserving tool integrity.

Optimizing Chip Thickness and Material Removal
Managing chip thickness is crucial in CNC milling as it directly influences the machine tool’s performance and the quality of the finished product. By optimizing the chip thickness, we remove material more efficiently, enhancing the overall throughput of our manufacturing operations. This optimization helps balance speed and precision, a critical factor in competitive manufacturing sectors.

Durability and Precision of Machine Tools
The selection and maintenance of machine tools are critical for effectively implementing high-speed milling. We invest in robust machine tools designed to handle the demands of high spindle speeds and feed rates without compromising the accuracy of the machining process. These equipped tools deal with the stresses of rapid material removal, ensuring that the dimensional integrity of the machined parts is maintained.

Reducing Tool Wear and Maximizing Efficiency
Our comprehensive approach to CNC milling enhances efficiency and reduces the operational costs associated with tool wear. By integrating techniques like trochoidal milling and optimizing machining parameters such as spindle speed and feed rate, we successfully extend the lifespan of our tools, reducing the frequency and cost of replacements. By optimizing chip load, we achieve a high metal removal rate, which significantly enhances tool life and the overall efficiency of the cutting tool.

Our adoption of advanced high-speed milling techniques like trochoidal milling and strategic management of feed rates, spindle speeds, and chip thickness exemplify our commitment to innovation and excellence in the machining industry. This approach ensures high-quality products and boosts productivity and cost-efficiency, reinforcing our leadership in the precision manufacturing market.

High-Speed Machining for:
Certifications and Capabilities:
  • AS9100 | ISO 9001 2015 Certified production process
  • Medium to large part machining up to 15,000 pounds
  • An extensive network of subcontractors and material suppliers experienced in the industry standards - Nadcap Accredited

Machining Material Experience: aluminum, armor plate, brass, bronze, chromium, copper, gammalloy, Hastelloy, Incoloy, Inconel, Invar, manganese, Monel, nickel, Nitralloy, powdered metals, stainless steel, Stellite, titanium, Waspaloy, and many other superalloys

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