High Volume Machining

Machine Shop With Vast CNC Machining Capability

Trace-A-Matic produces precision parts designed for high volume CNC machining while ensuring product quality. We have eight state-of-the-art facilities with 180+ machining centers, providing machining capacity tailored to the mass production of your final product. As a Tier 1 or 2 supplier, we work closely with your team to develop high-volume manufacturing processes to support product development during any phase of the life cycle. Whether you seek to outsource CNC milling or turning or a complete turnkey solution, Trace-A-Matic is ready to meet your production quality and quantity needs with unmatched customer service!

Machining Parts for: Certifications and Machining Capabilities:
  • AS9100 | ISO 9001 2015 Certified production process
  • Medium to large part machining up to 15,000 pounds
  • An extensive network of subcontractors and material suppliers experienced in the industry standards - Nadcap Accredited
  • Experts at Design for Manufacturability of high-quality production parts
High Volume Machining

Machining Material Experience: aluminum, armor plate, brass, bronze, chromium, copper, gammalloy, Hastelloy, Incoloy, Inconel, Invar, manganese, molybdenum, Monel, nickel, Nitralloy, platinum, powdered metals, stainless steel, Stellite, titanium, Waspaloy, zinc, and many other superalloys

Other Machining Services: Production Machining, High-Speed Machining, High-Speed Milling, High-Speed Turning, High-Speed CNC Machining, Aluminum High-Speed Machining, High Volume Manufacturing (Production, CNC Machining, Production Machining), Conventional Machining

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