CNC Machining Markets Served

Aerospace CNC Machining to Medical Machining – We Serve a Diverse Range of CNC Machining Markets

Since 1968, Trace-A-Matic has been serving a wide variety of CNC machining markets. For 50 years, we’ve been a leading provider of precision machining services for high profile customers in numerous diverse markets. From aerospace CNC machining to medical machining and nearly every market in between, we excel at solving challenges of demanding component requirements.

Manufacturers from all different industries choose Trace-A-Matic for our:
  • Product and Process Development Experience
  • CNC Milling and Turning Capabilities
  • Vast Knowledge of Exotic Materials
  • Extensive Subcontractor Network
  • Premier Quality System

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Aerospace CNC Machining Industry


Trace-A-Matic is an experienced supplier of commercial aerospace titanium and specialty metals to major players in the Aerospace industry. Our “turn-key” management, design for manufacturability capabilities and track record of quality and reliability make Trace-A-Matic a strategic partner in developing parts and components for the advanced flight projects of tomorrow.

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Military and Defense CNC Machining Industry


Trace-A-Matic is known by its defense industry customers as a high-end supply partner with superior quality and delivery that governments and the lives of its citizens depend on. Our expertise with military-grade materials ensures parts and assemblies are manufactured with efficiency and a high degree of precision.

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Food Processing and Pharmaceutical CNC Machining Industry

Food Processing

Trace-A-Matic has a long history of producing parts and machines that have fulfilled the particular specifications required in the food and pharmaceutical industries that serve the needs of customers on a global basis. Our turn-key solutions have been extensively utilized to provide valuable services to our customers in both of the food and pharmaceutical markets.

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Heavy Equipment CNC Machining Industry

Heavy Equipment

Decades of experience and investment in large, robust machine tools has positioned Trace-A-Matic to serve the demanding requirements of Heavy Equipment OEMs in industries, such as construction and material handling equipment. Trace-A-Matic understands the nuances of the challenging requirements and materials necessary to produce high quality heavy equipment parts and assemblies in the most cost effective manner possible.

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Medical Equipment CNC Machining Industry

Medical Equipment

Trace-A-Matic has earned a trusted reputation for meeting the exceptional requirements for intricate and highly complex medical components. We deliver the supply reliability our medical customers can’t live without. Behind it all is a knowledgeable, responsive staff and a quality heritage that was born when quality was a matter of pride, as well as metrics. We fully share our customers’ perspective: when lives depend on it, nothing but a total commitment to excellence will do.

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Oil and Gas CNC Machining Industry

Oil and Gas

Our experience in supplying critical machined parts to Oil and Gas customers has earned Trace-A-Matic a reputation of excellence within this market. Our expertise in this industry is all about machining critical tolerances, complex geometries and working with the exotic materials required in the oil and gas industries. Trace-A-Matic understands the necessity for quality, value and speed-to-market that the Oil and Gas industry requires.

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Power Generation CNC Machining Industry

Power Generation

Many of our customers in power generation industry sell engines that have thousands or tens of thousands of horsepower. Trace-A-Matic has developed powerful expertise in machining large engine components for natural gas, naval, locomotive ship and submarine engine industries.

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Space CNC Machining Industry


We are a precision CNC machine shop with sophisticated metal machined parts and assemblies performing to expectation in all environments - water, land, air, and yes, space! Our multi-axis machining, fabrication capabilities, and inspection services meet or exceed the most demanding space exploration requirements.

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Transportation CNC Machining Industry


Trace-A-Matic meets the demanding requirements involved in transportation parts machining. Decades of collaboration with transportation OEM’s, as well as our investment in large, robust machine tools makes Trace-A-Matic a preferred provider of CNC machining services for transportation parts.

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