• The main function of the Lead Inspector will be to act as the liaison between quality (inspection) and manufacturing/programming for the assigned plant (s). Specific responsibilities include the following:
  1. Augment inspectors by conducting inspections (first piece, first article, incoming, final, and floor) as necessary.
  2. Communicate results of inspections with relevant parties (machinists, supervisors, programmers) in a timely manner so that if necessary adjustments can be made to make a compliant part or, if part is conforming, production may continue.
  3. Work with manufacturing (machinists and supervisions) to improve the efficiency of in-process inspection so that the critical/key features are inspected and documented with minimal disruption while still meeting customer and quality requirements.
  4. Lead, with manufacturing support, in the identification of quality problems and the development and implementation of corrective actions intended to prevent reoccurrence of these issues.
  5. Augment inspectors and assist production by setting up required gages as necessary.
  6. Work with machinists on an on-going basis to ensure that they understand the quality/inspection requirements that the actions that they are taking have a high probability of making a conforming part.
  7.  Actively work with the machinists on new job set-ups to ensure that the quality requirements are understood
  8.  Work with Plant and Shipping Supervision to develop inspection priorities.  Communicate the priorities to the inspectors.
  9.  Conduct CMM inspections as necessary.

Other duties as needed

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