Precision CNC Machining

The MEC is responsible for reviewing all documents provided within a request for quote (RFQ) in order to develop a cost based selling price for said part/program that meets corporate profit objectives.  Tools to develop winning bids include use of industry best practice machining methods, cut time calculators, CAM software (ESPRIT and or Feature CAM) and ERP systems (EPICOR).

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Upon customer Purchase Order, the MEC is responsible for reviewing the original related quote for accuracy relative to process steps and compliance with related standards/specifications. Upon completion of said review the MEC will initiate the “New Job Start-up” process whereby engaging the Operations Team (programmers, shop leads, tooling designers etc.) to begin the mfg’g process. The MEC may also follow the job through first article prove out and preproduction manufacturing.   


  • In concert with the Sales team, intake and process all available RFQ information and develop a commercially viable quotation in line with overall company business objectives. This includes defining all processes/resources (in-house and sub contract) required to produce the requested product along with their associated cost.  Where critical information is missing obtain and if required, notify the Sales team/Customer Service of missing information to help facilitate additional discovery. As work is awarded, additional steps to detail the quote and transform it into a production ready condition including socializing the jobs details across the enterprise are expected.  In certain circumstances this individual will directly engage the manufacturing floor to assist in the development of manufacturing processes. In all cases one must work cross functionally with the Sales, Quality and Operations.
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