Live Tooling Lathes

Trace-A-Matic Maximizes Productivity with Live Tooling Lathes – Enhancing Precision and Efficiency in CNC Machining

Trace-A-Matic constantly seeks innovative solutions to streamline operations and enhance productivity. One such advancement is the investment in CNC turning centers with live tooling integration. By combining traditional turning capabilities with driven tools, live tooling enables a wide range of secondary operations to be performed directly on the machine, eliminating additional setups and reducing cycle times while increasing efficiency and precision.

Live Tooling Lathe

Live tooling centers, or multitasking lathes, have transformed our machining processes. With the inclusion of driven tools in the turret assembly, these lathes allow for operations such as milling, drilling, threading, countersinking, chamfering, and engraving to be seamlessly performed without transferring the workpiece to a separate machine – eliminating setup time and potential inaccuracies associated with multiple operations, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

One of the advantages of live tooling is the ability to maintain tight finish tolerances. With live tools, the lathe can precisely control the cut speed, feed, and depth during secondary operations, ensuring consistent and accurate results. This level of precision is particularly crucial when working on complex parts with intricate features and stringent tolerances.

Live tooling centers improve Trace-A-Matic’s overall workflow. Drastically reducing setup times are possible when a workpiece remains clamped in the machine tool. The seamless integration of a collet chuck, tooling options, specialized clamping systems, and fixtures ensures excellent stability and repeatability during machining operations. As a result, our machine shop can handle a higher volume of parts in a single setup, leading to increased productivity and reduced lead times.

Incorporating live tooling capabilities in lathes has significantly improved our turning operations. These multitasking machines have revolutionized secondary operations, eliminating the need for additional setups and reducing cycle times. Live tooling CNC lathes enable precise machining with superior finish tolerances, increasing productivity and high-quality parts.

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