5 Axis Machining

Ultrasophisticated Machining Capability

5 Axis CNC Machining Services

At Trace-A-Matic our 5-axis CNC machining is next generation precision! As an industry leading provider of CNC machining services, Trace-A-Matic specializes in CNC 5-Axis mill / turn integrated machining. Whether your part configuration has complex shapes, tightly interrelated features in multiple planes, or you’re simply looking for cost reduction, Trace-A-Matic has the capabilities to execute the 5-axis machining services you require.

Featuring our DMG CTX Gamma 2000 TC – Considered best in class among 5-axis CNC mill and turn machines on the market today, along with our group of Mazak Integrexs, Trace has the machining solution for you. Our 5-axis machining centers provide higher cutting speeds, saving time while producing the highest quality parts.

From small 2” x 2” parts all the way up to large 27.5” x 89” behemoths we believe that “if you can dream it we can make it.”

Please refer to our Equipment List for more information on our capabilities.

Other CNC machining services offered: Engineering, Horizontal Milling, Vertical Milling, Horizontal Turning, Vertical Turning, 5 Axis Mill / Turn, Inspection, and Special Processes
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