Part Inspection Services

CNC Machining Services Include Part Inspection – From Manual Metrology on Granite Through to Full CMM with Scanning Capability

As an all-encompassing CNC machining company, Trace-A-Matic provides complete part inspection services.

After machining is complete we provide part inspection services to instill ultimate confidence that we’ve met your print requirements.

Our inspection services utilize one of our 4 fully automated Brown & Sharp Global CMM’s. These CMMs run the latest version of PC-DMIS (up to 78”x130”x59” & 14,300 lbs table capacity).

If the part exceeds our CMM capacity we can reach with our Romer arm to verify where key feature are.

When you receive CNC machining services from Trace-A-Matic you’ll get the highest quality part, made to print, the first time…

Trace-A-Matic also works extensively with specialty testing requirements, including numerous forms of:

  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Pressure Testing
  • Millipore Testing
  • Fatigue Testing

When your parts require more than meeting print dimensions we are able to verify their integrity and other key design criteria.

Trace-A-Matic employs the most current and robust inspection equipment and methods to achieve quality at the source for cost-effectiveness & process validation.

View our inspection equipment below…

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Model No. CMM Type Work Envelope Max Table Load Other Information
Brookfield, WI
Hexagon One 7107 Bridge 27″ x 39″ x 27″ 1,100 lbs Auto stylus changer, full contact scanning
Hexagon/DEA Global 203315 Bridge 79″ x 130″ 59″ 14,300 lbs
Hexagon/Brown & Sharpe Global 203315 Bridge 47″ x 118″ x 39″ 4,900 lbs
Hexagon Romer Absolute 7540 Arm Portable 157.5″ 6-axis
Houston, TX
Hexagon/DEA Global 203315 Bridge 79″ x 130″ x 59″ 14,300 lbs 38.9″ deep probing, infinite wrist, full contact scanning
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