Horizontal CNC Turning Services

Horizontal Machining That Utilizes 30+ Pieces of Precision Equipment with Diverse Configurations

Trace-A-Matic provides horizontal CNC turning services for a vast array of industries and applications, including spindles, shafts, specialty pressure vessels, down hole drilling components and many more.

Our horizontal CNC turning services utilize a wide variety of work-holding methods including 3 jaw, 4 jaw, pie jaw, mandrel, collet, face driver and steady rest configurations.

Trace-A-Matic has a diverse fleet of equipment that includes DMG Mori, Mazak, Weiler, Samsung and Okuma in both slant and flatbed configurations.

When it comes to horizontal machining, we specialize in part sizes as small as 1” and up to 32” in diameter and from a couple inches up to 160” long.

We have the equipment to turn your every requirement from prototyping to full production. To maximize throughput and give you the best value we’ve configured several turning machines into cells containing Vertical Machining Centers and Cylindrical Grinders taking your parts from rough to finish in just 1 stop on the factory floor with single point of accountability.

Whether you need custom CNC machining, large part machining, exotic metals machining or other precision CNC machining solutions, turn to the industry experts at Trace-A-Matic. We pride ourselves on being your full service provider of CNC machining services.

If you require horizontal CNC turning services we’ll configure a cell for you!

Please refer to our Equipment List for more information on our capabilities.

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