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In the competitive landscape of custom manufacturing, Trace-A-Matic stands out as a leader in high precision and quality. Our machine shop is committed to excellence and innovation in every component crafted. With a focus on precision CNC machining, Trace-A-Matic has established itself as a significant player in the machining industry, offering a wide range of services that cater to various sectors, including aerospace, defense, medical devices, and more.

Unmatched Machining Capabilities
Trace-A-Matic’s machining capabilities are extensive and versatile. The company specializes in CNC milling, turning, and 5-axis machining, utilizing state-of-the-art computer numerical control (CNC) technology to ensure top-notch accuracy and repeatability. Our machining includes processing complex parts and assemblies using various materials, notably stainless steel, known for its durability and resistance to corrosion.

High-Quality CNC Machining Services
Quality CNC machining is at the heart of Trace-A-Matic’s operations. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified, reflecting its adherence to stringent quality standards and continuous improvement in its processes. As a trusted ITAR-registered company, Trace-A-Matic handles sensitive military and defense-related projects, further showcasing our capability and reliability in high-stakes environments.

Precision CNC Machining: The Core of Trace-A-Matic
At Trace-A-Matic, precision CNC machining isn’t just a service; it’s a promise. Each calibrated precision machine in our expansive shop operates within the tightest tolerances, ensuring that every part machined meets the exact specifications. This level of precision is crucial in industries where even the slightest deviation can lead to significant repercussions.

Custom Manufacturing Solutions
Understanding the unique needs of each industry, Trace-A-Matic offers custom manufacturing solutions tailored to its clients’ specific requirements. Whether a prototype or high-volume production, our team is adept at machining parts that meet the highest quality standards. This approach allows Trace-A-Matic to deliver solutions that perfectly align with client expectations and project demands.

Comprehensive Range of Services
Trace-A-Matic’s commitment to providing a comprehensive suite of services is evident in its wide range of machining options. Every designed process delivers unparalleled results, from intricate CNC milling to precise CNC turning. Our advanced technology and techniques ensure we can tackle the most challenging manufacturing tasks.

Trace-A-Matic’s dedication to high-quality, precision CNC machining services makes us a standout provider in the machining industry. With our advanced machining capabilities, commitment to quality, and custom manufacturing solutions, Trace-A-Matic continues to support a broad spectrum of industries, delivering products that meet and often exceed expectations. Trace-A-Matic remains at the forefront as industries evolve, ready to meet future challenges with our innovative approaches and unwavering commitment to precision and quality.

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