Two New Smart NL 3000BL Lathes Installed at Trace-A-Matic North

Posted August 6, 2019

Smart NL 3000BL Lathe Cell Installation

Trace-A-Matic Corporation has installed two new Smart NL 3000BL 2-axis CNC lathes in Plant 5 at their Brookfield, WI location. The identically configured centers feature 47 HP - 2,800 RPM precision geared-head spindles, a 27.6” swing over bed - 20.1” over cross slide, magazines holding 12 tools, with a part turning diameter of 18.9” x length 43.3” maximum, and a 4.06” bar capacity. The new machines replace existing equipment being retired at the 116,000 square foot facility. The newly installed cell will primarily serve the oil & gas and defense industries, as well as general machining jobs.

“Trace-A-Matic is in a continuous state of process improvement. Our customers demand machining excellence, and Trace-A-Matic is determined to deliver on that,” Thorsten Wienss, CEO of Trace-A-Matic, said in a statement. “Our talented people are well trained and equipped with the latest machining technology resulting in exceptional parts and fabrications. It's a business formula that continues to work well for us and more importantly, our customers.”

About Trace-A-Matic Corporation
For over 50 years, Trace-A-Matic (Brookfield, WI & Houston, TX) has been a privately-owned contract manufacturer of complex precision CNC machined components. Our programmatic business focus and relentless drive for on-time quality components in markets like aerospace, defense, oil & gas, power generation, transportation, medical and heavy equipment have made us the choice of global industry-leading OEM brands.

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