Two New Toyoda FA1050S Horizontal Machining Centers Installed at Trace-A-Matic South

Posted June 6, 2019

Toyoda FA1050S Horizontal Machining Center Installation

Trace-A-Matic Corporation (Houston, TX) has installed two Toyoda FA1050S heavy-duty horizontal machining centers at Plant 2. The identically configured centers feature 60HP - 6,000 RPM geared-head spindles, high pressure through spindle cooling, magazines holding 120 tools, and high capacity chip augers. The machine design allows machining of large, heavy workpieces with very high accuracy. Trace-A-Matic South’s operation consists of three 25,000-square-foot facilities with Plant 2 serving as a focus factory manufacturing fluid ends used in hydraulic fracturing applications. The newly installed equipment represents the fifth machining cell to manage fluid end demands and provides an additional 20 percent monthly capacity.

“This investment reflects Trace’s full commitment to supporting strategic partnerships as our OEM customers grow,” Joel Donohue, vice president and general manager of Trace-A-Matic South, said in a statement. “We continue to invest in manufacturing technology to ensure the highest level of machining tolerances, quality, efficiency, production turnaround, and customer satisfaction.”

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