Trace-A-Matic Named Corporate Employer of the Year by UMOS

Posted August 14, 2019

Award for Corporate Employer of the Year by UMOS Organization.

Trace-A-Matic is working with the UMOS organization to help build better futures for people in the Brookfield, WI and surrounding communities. The company is promoting CNC machining as a stable and rewarding career path with the group. These efforts include tours of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities for interested members. All of this has resulted in five people finding gainful employment at Trace-A-Matic in 2019 to date.

The Corporate Employer of the Year plaque was presented to Trace-A-Matic at the recent UMOS awards banquet in July. “Thank you Trace-A-Matic for all you do with UMOS – TechHire,” Joni Theobald, TechHire Director of UMOS, said in a statement.

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About UMOS
UMOS, a non-profit advocacy organization, provides programs and services which improve the employment, educational, health and housing opportunities of under-served populations.

UMOS began as a single-focused, single state, migrant and seasonal farmworker serving agency only. Today, UMOS offers diverse programs and services to diverse populations with diverse staff. Currently, UMOS operates 40+ programs with more than $25 million grant and performance-based contracts from federal, state, and local funding sources.

Programs and services provided by UMOS are divided into three major divisions: workforce development, child development, and social services, which include farm labor housing, Teen Tobacco Prevention, HIV prevention services, domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking supportive services, home energy assistance, food pantry, farm labor housing and after school programs . In addition to these programs, UMOS sponsors and organizes several corporate, cultural and community events in Wisconsin.

The UMOS corporate offices are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. UMOS programs operate throughout the state of Wisconsin, as well as in Florida, Minnesota, Missouri, and Texas, along with a housing consortium in an eight-state area.

About Trace-A-Matic Corporation
For over 50 years, Trace-A-Matic (Brookfield, WI & Houston, TX) has been a privately-owned contract manufacturer of complex precision CNC machined components. Our programmatic business focus and relentless drive for on-time quality components in markets like aerospace, defense, oil & gas, power generation, transportation, medical and heavy equipment have made us the choice of global industry-leading OEM brands.

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