Partner Solutions

A Programmatic Approach to Complete Manufacturing

Trace-A-Matic Partner Solutions

Trace-A-Matic partners with customers to provide turn-key solutions for their long-term manufacturing programs. Our programmatic approach offers complete control from start to finish over prototype development, procurement, product quality, inventory control, and on-time delivery. Trust Trace-A-Matic to get it right the first time — And every time!

Trace-A-Matic’s Partner Solutions:

Checkbox Prototypes

  • Proficient in New Product Development
  • Product Design for Manufacturability Experts
  • Vast Experience In Exotic and Standard Metal Machining

Checkbox Engineering

  • Engineering Evaluation Process Identifies All Foreseeable Obstacles Before Production — DFM
  • Machining Operation and Tooling Selection Ensures Part Quality, Manufacturing Repeatability, and Overall Tolerance Requirements

Checkbox Quality Protocol

  • Develop a Quality Plan Controlling All Aspects of the Manufacturing Process
  • Determine Testing Instruments, In-Process, and Final Inspection Procedures
  • Establish Document Control, Process Certifications, Records, and Reporting Requirements

Checkbox Procurement

  • Develop a Tailored Supply Chain Management Protocol
  • Exotic and Standard Metal Acquisition
  • Castings, Forgings, and Fabricated Weldment Sourcing
  • ERP System Triggered Buying Ensuring On Hand Material
  • Material Lead Time Monitoring

Checkbox Scheduling

  • Priority Scheduling Over Non-Programmatic Work
  • Program Status Reporting Option

Checkbox Production

  • Massive Machining Capacity: 300,000+ Sq. Ft., 150+ Precision Centers, With a 200+ Highly-Skilled Workforce
  • Lean Manufacturing and Kanban Program Approach
  • Machine Tool Redundancy
  • Dedicated Production Cells Option
  • Climate-Controlled Production and Inspection Environment
  • Brookfield, WI and Houston, TX Manufacturing Facilities

Checkbox Managed Processes

  • Thermal Processes: Heat Treating (HT), Induction Hardening, Flame Hardening, Nitride, and Cryogenic Stress Relieving
  • Coatings: Chrome Plating, Anodize, Hardcoat Anodize, Tiodize, Phosphating, Painting, etc.
  • EDM: Wire and Sinker
  • Deep Hole Processing: Gun Drilling and Honing
  • OD/ID, Blanchard, Surface, and Jig Grinding
  • Gear Cutting and Grinding: Helical and Spline
  • Machined Part Balancing
  • Casting Porosity Impregnation
  • Welding: Traditional and Friction
  • Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing
  • Nadcap Accredited Partners

Checkbox Inspection

  • Testing, In-Process, and Final Inspections: Utilizing CMMs, Romer Arms, Magnification Scopes, Gages, and Other Protocol Processes

Checkbox Kitting and Assembly

  • Organize and Assemble Parts
  • Bundle Related Parts Into Manageable Kits
  • Streamline Packing, Handling, and Shipping Operations
  • Inventory Tracking Optimization

Checkbox Inventory Control

  • Real-Time Inventory Management
  • Kanban Pull System Replenishment
  • Forecast-Driven SCM

Checkbox On-Time Delivery

  • Programmatic Manufacturing Ensures Process Control For On-Time Delivery
  • Expert Freight Forwarder and Exportation Partners
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