Source Inspection Services

Source Inspection Services

Trace-A-Matic is recognized for manufacturing high-quality precision CNC machined components, resulting from decades of machining experience and a robust QMS (quality management system). We work closely with customers to understand part requirements to develop thorough manufacturing protocols. Planning includes the frequency and type of inspections performed: conformity inspections, in-process inspections, first article inspections, sampling inspections, and final inspections. In addition, the gages and inspection instruments to be used, the quality control documents and process certificate verification that are needed, and other inspection activity required.

Some customers require source inspections, also known as in-person inspections or on-site inspections. Meaning, a customer representative visits Trace-A-Matic to serve as an outside quality inspector to audit and verify the manufacturing process, part, or assembly conformity. Source inspections are prevalent in government-related manufacturing, aerospace defense, and many other industries dealing with mission-critical components.

Virtual Inspections

To combat COVID-19 restrictions, Trace-A-Matic developed its Virtual Source Inspection (VSI) Service. Just as it sounds, the third-party quality inspector can perform source inspections remotely, working with a Trace-A-Matic quality technician across a secure communication platform. Every aspect of an inspection is addressed virtually. The tremendous cost and time savings make Virtual Inspections a prevalent choice and a permanent option into the future.

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