At Trace-A-Matic, we embrace a proactive approach to manufacturing quality, which we accomplish by utilization of thorough, upfront process planning, a 3D printer for rapid prototypes and Vericut software for CNC simulation. It is more cost effective and proactive to catch programming and machining process issues in a virtual world rather than on the shop floor. We firmly believe in a quality at the source production strategy, which we accomplish by a variety of inspection techniques on the shop floor including probing on the machine. Our quality at the source strategy provides our customers with greater value in terms of cost and delivery. As our last line of defense, we deploy three state of the art CMMs with the latest PC-DMIS software to provide our customers with the necessary data documentation.

Trace-A-Matic Quality Policy

  • Team building that supports our customers manufacturing needs
  • Return on investment that supports continuous growth
  • Assets which are best in class, both employees and equipment
  • Committed to total quality and conformance to requirements
  • Environment that strives to improve everyday