CNC Machining Supply Chain Management

Integrated CNC Machining with Full Scale Supply Chain Management

At Trace we take full advantage of the capabilities of our Epicor ERP system to simplify your purchasing and planning activities. We provide everything from simple machining orders to complete forecast-driven supply chain management.

Trace is a certified Tier 1 source with impressive supply chain management and stocking strategy. We work with you to mitigate risk and improve the velocity of your supply chain.

Tier 1 / Tier 2

Simplify Buying and Planning Processes

When people think of a typical CNC machine shop they usually think of traditional “machining only” activity with customer-supplied material. At Trace, we can help you with these traditional needs, but we can also do so much more!

We provide sourcing of Castings, Forgings and/or Fabrications.

We’ve worked with dozens of raw material suppliers from concept to CNC prototype and through to production.

When it comes to integrated CNC machining services one of our chief strategic advantages is our family of companies, which include Cutting Edge Fabrication, American Friction Welding and D&H Metal Stamping. This family of companies helps us further our abilities to streamline your supply chain.

Quick Response Program (QRP)

Get Fast Response Times

When your customer can’t wait, Trace can improve your responsiveness with our “Quick Response Program (QRP)”.

This streamlined Office-to-Floor process means we can respond to your needs in mere hours!

Our QRP is based on ready-to-go holding material (yours or ours), so when your customer has a known requirement just give us the signal to start machining…fast!

Stocking Strategies

Exceed Customer Expectations

When your business requires operating in a Just-In-Time (JIT) environment or you simply want the confidence to be able to respond to non-uniform demand, Trace helps you build a stocking strategy that exceeds your customers’ expectations.

Trace is uniquely positioned to have sufficient floor/racking space to accommodate programs requiring thousands of cubic feet of climate-controlled storage.

Whether the stock quantity of parts is derived from a forecast or a Kanban-like pull system, we have the tools to engage as if we were a direct extension of your production management system.

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