Precision CNC Machining

Trace-A-Matic produces high precision CNC machined parts and assemblies for manufacturers in the aerospace, defense, food processing, heavy equipment, medical equipment, oil & gas, power generation, transportation, and general industry markets. The company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities use the latest CNC machining technologies to produce complex and intricate components that meet or exceed the most critical tolerances. Products machined from castings, weldments, forgings, tubing, and bar stock range in weight from 1 pound to 15,000 pounds.

Trace-A-Matic has CNC machining facilities in Brookfield, WI and Houston, TX serving US and international customers.


Machining Capability

Trace-A-Matic performs a full range of precision machining services from “machine complete to print” using your materials to managing your entire supply program as a Tier 1 source. We successfully machine hundreds of materials including: Irons, Non-Ferrous Metals, Simple Alloys and Super Exotics. From one-off CNC prototyping, large cnc machining, to fully automated robotic machining cells, we successfully do it all and will prove our expertise on your next project.

Check out our full equipment list to get a closer look at our technical capabilities of large scale CNC turning and milling.


Quality System Certifications

Our certifications include ISO 9001, AS 9100, API and ITAR registration. These specialized certifications grant access to most industries, including those with safety critical features, such as aerospace, military and defense. Our dedication to the highest quality and on-time delivery serves a wide range of industries with critical CNC machining service needs.

Quality System Certifications


Trace-A-Matic Named Corporate Employer of the Year by UMOS


Trace-A-Matic is working with the UMOS organization to help build better futures for people in the Brookfield, WI and surrounding communities. The company is promoting CNC machining...

Posted August 14, 2019 in Recognition

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