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Trace-A-Matic is a customer service driven precision machine shop with an arsenal of CNC turning centers to machine high-quality prototypes, and high-volume production runs. Decades of proven machining experience and continuous technology investment has earned the trust of major OEMs to manufacture their mission-critical parts for the most demanding applications. Our state-of-the-art vertical CNC lathes armed with multiple cutting tools at the ready, and our multi-machine cell approach, increase machining speed, efficiency, and productivity while ensuring the highest accuracy.

Machining Capabilities Summary

Part Types:
Cylinders, hubs, casings, flanges, housings, spindles, axles, rollers, pump bodies, wheels, rotory couplings, and other cylindrical parts

Part Size:
Up to 90” diameter and 49” Z-axis stroke

Metal Types:
All standard metals, aluminum, armor plate, beryllium, brass, bronze, chromium, copper, gammalloy, Hastelloy, Incoloy, Inconel, Invar, manganese, molybdenum, Monel, nickel, Nitralloy, platinum, powdered metals, stainless steel, Stellite, titanium, Waspaloy, zinc, and many other superalloys

Material Types:
Large-scale castings, forgings, weldments, tubing, and bar stock

Turning Processes:
Boring, cutting, drilling, facing, internal forming, knurling, necking, parting, shoulder facing, threading (external, internal), and turning (contour, form, taper, straight)

Industries Served:
Aerospace, Defense, Food Processing, Heavy Equipment, Medical Equipment, Military, Mining, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, and Transportation

Machine Brands:
Doosan, Dynamic KTM, HNK, Hyundai Wia, New Century, Okuma & Howa, Samsung, and Twin Merit - Please refer to our Equipment List for specific lathe information and capabilities.

Vertical Turning Overview

The lathe is one of the oldest machine tools used for straight, radial, and taper turning of machined components. The introduction of computer numerical control (CNC) elevated lathe turning technology to a new level. Today, CNC machines provide extreme accuracy operating at very high speeds in the manufacturing process of precision machined components. Turning processes have evolved to include live tooling (rotating tools) to bring CNC milling type capability to more efficient turning operations.

A vertical CNC turning center or lathe rotates metal parts in a vertical orientation during the machining process. The raw material is held in the chuck by jaws, mandrel, collet, or face driver and connected to the headstock assembly, which drives workpiece rotation with a heavy-duty motor. The turret assembly travels along the Z-axis ways, holding the single-point cutting tools against the workpiece to remove material on each “up and down” pass; this is a multi-axis, subtractive manufacturing method.

Vertical lathes allow for larger diameter, and heavier turned part machining while requiring less floor space compared to horizontal turning centers. Drawbacks to vertical CNC turning machines are part length limitations and overall chip removal. We offer vast selections of surface finish from semi-finished to fine finishing, often not requiring a grinding process.

Photo of CNC Turning

Vertical Lathe Anatomy

  1. Headstock Assembly (not visible) - Drives the live spindle of the lathe
  2. Chuck - Positioned at the end of the spindle holding the rotating workpiece
  3. Jaws - Clamps the workpiece in the chuck
  4. Ways Z-Axis (not visible) - The rails the index drive and tooling travel parallel to the workpiece upon
  5. Ways X-Axis (not visible) - The rails the index drive and tooling travel perpendicular to the workpiece upon
  6. Workpiece - Clamps into the chuck by jaws
  7. Multi-Tool Turret - Holds multiple cutting tools at the ready
  8. Cutting Tool - Removes material from the workpiece to form a part - subtractive manufacturing
Photo of Vertical Lathe and Components

Vertical CNC Photo Gallery

Vertical Turning

Hub Machining

90” Machined Ring

Aluminum Wheels


Large Machined Threads

Steel Casing

Steel Hubs

Aluminum Castings

Vertical CNC Video

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