Medical Device Machining

Medical Device Machining from the Leading Precision CNC Machining Company

Medical Device CNC Machining

Trace-A-Matic has earned a trusted reputation of meeting the exceptional requirements for intricate and highly complex medical components; we deliver the supply reliability our medical customers require. CNC machining capability to produce large, complex, and intricate components that meet or exceed the most critical tolerances. This is why medical industry leaders rely on our state-of-the-art precision machining services to produce a wide range of components for their high-quality medical equipment.

Precision CNC Medical Machining for:
  • Rotary Bearing Seal Rings for Gamma Knife
  • CT Scanner Frames
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Card Retainers for CT Scanners
  • Cooling Plenums for CT Scanners
  • Brackets for CT Scanners
Certifications and Capabilities:
  • AS9100/ISO9001 Certified
  • Medical machining capacities in the small to large (15,000 pounds)
  • Medical machining experience in various types of aluminum, steels and stainless steel
  • Highly experienced in CNC machining medical components
  • Extensive network of subcontractors and material suppliers experienced in the industry standards
Other Industries Served: Aerospace - Large, Defense, Food Processing, Heavy Equipment, Medical Device, Military, Mining, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, and Transportation
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