High Precision Ring Machining

Trace-A-Matic is a precision machine shop specializing in industrial ring machining. They are essential devices found in mechanical systems across many industry sectors. Trace-A-Matic has expertise in finished machining rings constructed from standard and exotic metals with complex geometry to meet or exceed the most demanding tolerances. We are a trusted Tier 1 supplier of high-quality prototypes and high-volume precision metal components to leading OEMs across many industry sectors.

Ring Applications:
  • Bearings
  • Gas Turbines
  • Helicopter Rotor Assemblies
  • Jet Engines
  • Nuclear Reactors
  • Nuclear Submarines
  • Oil Refineries
  • Ordinance and Artillery
  • Power Plants
  • Water Resource Management
  • Windmills
  • Other Industrial Applications
Ring Machining

Industry Applications: Aerospace, Defense, Food Processing, General Industrial, Heavy Equipment, Infrastructure, Medical Device, Military, Mining, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, and Transportation

Material Types: castings, forgings, fabricated weldments, billets, bar stock, and plate

Metal Construction: aluminum, armor plate, brass, bronze, cast iron, chromium, copper, gammalloy, Hastelloy, Incoloy, Inconel, Invar, manganese, molybdenum, Monel, nickel, Nitralloy, platinum, powdered metals, stainless steel, Stellite, titanium, Waspaloy, zinc, and many other superalloys

Machining Capabilities: Multi-Axis Machining, 5-Axis Machining, CNC Milling | Vertical and Horizontal, CNC Turning | Vertical and Horizontal, CNC Engineering, CNC Inspection, and Special Processes Integration - Nadcap Accredited

Certifications: AS 9100D | ISO 9001:2015, American Petroleum Institute (API) Specification Q1, and an ITAR Registered Manufacturer

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